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Wandel Guides is a publishing house and a multimedia company dedicated to providing a "new generation" of multimedia resources in support of entrepreneurs.

We are specialized in travel photography and videography. Wandel Guides also designs and implements special social responsibility programs.

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Product Highlights

Special Programs

Wandel Guides is the co-founder of Kalahari Truffles. Our story begins fifteen years ago, in a village outside of Gaborone, the capital of Botswana. This is where we founded the most successful female-owned, socially responsible exporter of harvested natural products from the Kalahari desert. The village's first inhabitants are thought to originate from the Matebele people from western Zimbabwe.

A rare and wild delicacy that emerges from the deserts of Botswana and Namibia once a year, the Kalahari truffle offers an unforgettable, nuanced earthy flavor to any dish or product. Similar to its relative the black truffle but perhaps even more precious, the Kalahari truffle awakens something primal and passionate in those who eat it.

Travel Photography

Wandel Guides is a leading producer of travel photography. Our photos are used by a growing number of travel agencies, tour operators, and international organizations, including Lonely Planet, UNHabitat, and the World Bank.

Wandel Guides maintains a portfolio of travel photography taken in Afghanistan, Myanmar, Namibia, South Africa, Botswana and many other countries.

Travel Guides

Wandel Guides is the producer of Jordan's and South Africa's leading hiking books and the developer of ebikelovers.com, an online self-guided travel portal for e-bike enthusiasts in Washington DC, Virginia, and Maryland.

Wandel Guides maintains an online portal for hiking books. A third project for an e-biking guide in the United States is under development.

Multimedia Production

Wandel Guides produces documentaries and short films. Our founders Brian McCotter and Dr. Gregory F. Maassen produced numerous videos for the US Government in Southern Africa.

Animated Infographics

We have access to a large pool of talented graphic artists from developing countries for the production of animated infographic footage. If you order infographics from Wandel Guides, you know talented artists in less developed countries have a good source of income.


We produce cost-effective short films and documentaries. We currently have several documentaries in production.

Small Business Support Program

We produce commercials and other marketing materials for small businesses at low price points. Contact us if you do business within 150 miles of Washington DC.

Community Docs

Community Docs is an initiative by Dr. Gregory F. Maassen, Brian McCotter, and Brandi Bohannon (Executive Director) to produce community-based content for free or significantly reduced price levels for qualifying events, organizations, and individuals.